Ruagra Review: One More Way to Treat Impotence

  • Brand: Ruagra
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: RSM Enterprises
  • Country of Manufacture: India
Ruagra Blister
Ruagra Blister


Review and Description

Ruagra is one of the drugs from a plethora of products available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. A problem that affects every single man earlier or later in life, either due to stress, psychological problems, diseases, or simply due to growing age. Since the expiry of a patent for Viagra, many companies have jumped into the manufacturing of sildenafil based medicines; some are great while other are of poor quality. Due to the abundance of choice, men are faced with a problematic task of choosing, while not a secret that most of them know not much about the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Ruagra is made by a company that claims to be a specialist is male health. The name of the company is RSM Enterprises, a big sounding name of a small business from the northern India. Though its website shows lots of products for male health, many of them are just traded by this company. It is a firm that claims to manufacture several male health products, but it is hard to conclude from its website, as a company of ethical manufacturing would never offer brands that belong to other manufacturers. It is not a company that is known in the local Indian market, thus useless to say that this company has no standing in the international arena. It seems to be one of those companies looking to make a fortune due to the high demand for male sexual health products. We have no reason to say that this manufacturer can be regarded as a company of reputation. It is most probably an establishment that is getting products manufactured by some other facility and is just a trader. Traders like this are usually not much interested in long term business or quality, but rather in quick profit making.

Customer Reviews

There is a complete lack of any online reviews of Ruagra. Neither the brand nor the manufacturer creates any positive impression on us. It is a well-known fact that there are lots of sub-quality sildenafil based products being supplied in the market. Lack of genuine reviews of products and low repute of a manufacturer of the product goes against this pill. Our opinion is that such kind of pharmaceuticals should be avoided, personal health is not something that can be experimented with, most probably such product would not fulfill, what it is meant to do.

Pricing and Dosage

Not only that this product failed to create any impression, due to lack of reviews, but this product is also not very economical. In small quantities one tablet would cost above 8 USD, that is too much, in fact, more than the original Viagra. Though one can expect discounts on ordering in larger quantity, they are not enough. Thus this product even fails to give any cost advantage.

Ruagra Pricing
Ruagra Pricing

How to Buy Ruagra Online

Though not many people seem to know about Ruagra, yet it is available for sales online. It is some of those products that are created specifically for online sales. Thus getting this product would not be a big problem, in case someone decides to give it a try. We have doubt why would anyone like to give such a product a try that is not much recommended by netizens. Nor this product is much seen in traditional pharmacies in its country of origin.

How to Use

There is certainly something amazing about sildenafil, just gulp a single pill an hour before you want to make love with your partner, and most of the men can expect the super performance and erection. Experience shows that single dose is effective in more than 80 percent of cases that is why sildenafil is so much loved by men suffering from impotence. The only thing to remember is that not to take more than one tablet in a single day.

Side Effects

Headaches, dizziness and may be some irritation in the nose is what some men may feel. Most of the other side effects mentioned in the drug leaf insert are exceedingly rare. The drug has been shown to be safe even when taken regularly for more than a year. So be assured about the safety of this medicine.


Ruagra is a generic of Viagra, with sildenafil a chemical that does the work of treating impotence. This drug may also help to decrease the pulmonary arterial hypertension, though for that purpose it is prescribed in entirely different dose form.

Today’s consumer has no shortage of choice, in fact, just opposite is the problem. There are too many drugs for impotence to choose from. Ruagra is made by a company called RSM Enterprises that was registered in India in 2008. Thus it is quite a young organization. It is a firm that proud itself with the range of drugs to treat various masculine issues. Its website says that the company is the research-oriented manufacturer of reputation in male health. However, we truly have huge doubts about the research and manufacturing abilities of the enterprise.

In healthcare, it surely takes long to create a name, whereas RSM Enterprises is barely a decade old. Thus no surprise that there is no online review regarding its products. We would give this product 2-star rating. Meaning better to buy a product that has been on the market for long and is loved by the users. There is no logic is risking the health with new, unknown pill, If you have never taken sildenafil before, then better first consult your physician.

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